Enhanced Practitioner and Patient Experiences

Medpod is the only total healthcare ecosystem built completely from the ground up. Our proprietary healthcare information platform leverages the latest advancements in live, cloud-based, two-way televideo communications, and integrates real-time medical-grade data streams, to ensure swift and steady throughput with reliable performance. Moreover, we continuously evaluate and integrate leading third-party software applications and capabilities to add exponential reach and functionality to our highly reliable and highly scalable Telco-grade network.

Thanks to the use of I-Frame technology and a natural and intuitive graphical user interface, we offer a user-friendly and convenient Single Sign On (SSO) front-end dashboard to easily access and activate all clinical and administrative functions.

At the heart of the Medpod solution is a proprietary network engineered from inception to unify communications. Essential care-enhancing capabilities, such as live-streaming of HD audio/video, automated data throughput, professional-grade medical devices, health information exchange to EHR, third-party applications and a highly flexible user interface, are all homogeneously merged into one game-changing, easy-to-use, care delivery and patient management ecosystem. The Medpod Network is the backbone to a powerful platform that transforms not just the way providers interact with the healthcare system, but also how they plan and improve workflow, optimize limited resources, engage more effectively with patients, and administrate medicine as a whole.

Fully Compliant and Reimbursable

The Medpod Network and network-driven solutions enable the creation of fully-functioning medical access points that comply with federal and local law, FDA, HIPAA, CMS mandates and guidelines. They also adhere to Medical Board requirements, recommendations and best practices that relate to providing and receiving reimbursement for telehealth visits. In states with full parity telemedicine laws, Medpod solutions enable full reimbursement that is on par with face-to-face patient reimbursement rates.

Pay for What You Use; No Per-Seat Fees

The proprietary Medpod Network architecture allows for providers to be anywhere in the world. They can connect remotely with patients through any Chrome-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone to these Medpod medical access points. With no download fees nor per-seat fees, any and all providers in your organization can be part of the virtual care team without the hassles and costs normally associated with onboarding new users. Medpod is built on a transaction model, which means you only pay for what you use — another key differentiating factor that makes it such a cost-effective solution.