A Powerful Health Information Exchange Platform

Seamless integration of exam, diagnostic and treatment data into EHRs is a mandate for any healthcare technology today. And when that same system can also streamline essential, time-consuming administrative tasks, such as verifying insurance eligibility and more, its value becomes exponentially greater. Medpod delivers on all fronts. Our systems have been designed and developed from the ground up with these essential core capabilities in mind.

Take Medpod Connect, our health information exchange platform. Always at work, Medpod Connect collects medical device and lab data, HD images as well as audio files from the Medpod Communicator and transmits this information to the provider’s EHR of choice. Medpod Connect can work in either a “Black Box” mode, transmitting information in the background without ever being seen or interacted with by the user, or in Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode, in which it acts as an EHR overlay system with an intuitive centralized dashboard hub.

  • Adapts to practitioner preference — “black box” or GUI-based
  • Can be used as an EHR surrogate to push/pull data from devices to preferred EHR
  • Modernizes outdated EHR systems
  • Documents the entire clinical encounter
  • Automatically populates native EHR, CCR or CCD systems of choice
  • Streamlines practice management and billing
  • Automates insurance eligibility
  • Integrates patient check-in
  • HL7 FHIR (2016 format)