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Telediagnostics for Government and Military

Those who serve our country deserve to have convenient access to healthcare no matter where they are. With Medpod’s best-in-class appliances, our service members can get the care they need, anywhere.

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Extend the affordable and high quality primary and preventive care deeper into your communities by leveraging Medpod. Whether it’s load balancing patients from one site to another or mobilizing care to create access points, Medpod has the flexibility to do both.


Medpod is in the business of overcoming barriers in order to get care to the individuals who need it most, no matter where they are. By increasing access to care, we can improve the health outcomes among our troops, protecting those who protect us.

Community Health Centers and Telehealth

For Community Health Clinics, the goal is to provide quality care to the maximum number of patients as efficiently as possible. This can be challenging as these organizations often have larger patient loads and more limited resources.

The ability to provide high quality diagnostic care without having a physician or nurse practitioner at each site is a game changer.

With Medpod, health centers can offer both on-site and remote community care with lower labor costs and greater efficiency.

This rates expanded access and an increased reach of care in the community, achieving the goal of providing quality care to as many patients as possible.

Passion & Expertise

MedPod revolutionizes the
delivery of care

By combining our outstanding software solutions with our innovative hardware offerings, we deliver the most comprehensive, scalable telediagnostics platform in the industry.

We seek to aid providers in increasing access to care by ensuring that we are elevating the medical standard for higher quality care between provider and patient during remote encounters, bringing virtual visits on-par with or better than in-person visits.

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Our Products

Where hardware & software meets
revolutional Patient Care

You find Medpod. A complete healthcare technology and infrastructure ecosystem architected intentionally to transform the delivery of care.


Medpod seamlessly digitizes your practice, enabling digital care to fit into your workflow without disruption.

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Medpod has architectured and engineered leading telediagnostic design that sets the industry standard for best-in-class tele-patient care.

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Data & Insights

Medpod uniquely both aggregates and generates hi-fidelity data. Leveraging exam audio and video, we turn insights into actionable telehealth workflows.

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Service & Support

Talented telehealth specialists ready to onboard, demo, train and guide your practice to deliver the best telehealth care around. The team helps to establish a deeper level workflow around telemedicine.

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