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Telediagnostics to Improve Occupational Health

Americans are notorious for negating self-care in order to prioritize work. With Medpod, employees can get the care they need without the disruption to their day, improving employee health and productivity simultaneously.

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Medpod delivers a 360º approach to expanding provider reach, getting patients the care they need, when and where they need it with our best-in-class hardware and software appliances. Allow us to help you improve employee health and increase productivity while avoiding preventable disease progression and decreasing the need for time off and unnecessary emergency room and urgent care visits.

Telediagnostics Employers – From manufacturing, distribution to regional & corporate office, Medpod provides the platform to provide video visits and tele-diagnostic encounters

Why is healthcare important to employers?

Healthy employees make for a strong business. The most efficient and cost-effective way to keep employees healthy is to offer on-site care, as this reduces care costs as well as absenteeism.

In order to provide the best care possible, employees need access to high-quality diagnostics with higher-level providers, just as they would get outside of work. However, the costs of having an on-site, in-person physician or nurse practitioner can be prohibitive and force an organization to limit the availability of such an offering.

Ultimately, this negates any potential savings due to reduced insurance costs and absenteeism, leaving the employer feeling like they are back at square one. Medpod allows employers and providers to offer on-site care with lower labor costs and greater efficiency.

Our offerings range from video visits to full diagnostic encounters, all using the same platform.

Many organizations find that existing space and personnel can be repurposed to meet the need of on-site care. For those organizations where interior space is unavailable, we also offer an exterior Triage center that can be deployed in the organization’s parking lot.

There is virtually no limit to the ways in which Medpod can help you bring on-site care to your employees.

Passion & Expertise

MedPod revolutionizes the
delivery of care

By combining our outstanding software solutions with our innovative hardware offerings, we deliver the most comprehensive, scalable telediagnostics platform in the industry.

We seek to aid providers in increasing access to care by ensuring that we are elevating the medical standard for higher quality care between provider and patient during remote encounters, bringing virtual visits on-par with or better than in-person visits.

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Our Products

Where hardware & software meets
revolutional Patient Care

You find Medpod. A complete healthcare technology and infrastructure ecosystem architected intentionally to transform the delivery of care.


Medpod seamlessly digitizes your practice, enabling digital care to fit into your workflow without disruption.

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Medpod has architectured and engineered leading telediagnostic design that sets the industry standard for best-in-class tele-patient care.

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Data & Insights

Medpod uniquely both aggregates and generates hi-fidelity data. Leveraging exam audio and video, we turn insights into actionable telehealth workflows.

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Service & Support

Talented telehealth specialists ready to onboard, demo, train and guide your practice to deliver the best telehealth care around. The team helps to establish a deeper level workflow around telemedicine.

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