MedPod Data and Analytics

Harness the Power of Data

When used properly, data analytics can be a game-changer for your practice. Track the health of your patient population and identify those at risk for chronic disease. All with the power of the data you’re already gathering.

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Both Insight and Action

Meaningful & Actionable Data for Now and the Future

Your practice generates data everyday as you care for patients, from pertinent audio and video clips from virtual visits to data from medical devices and patient generated health data. Medpod collects this generated data and automatically aggregates it to give you meaningful, actionable analyses that you can then use to drive the way you practice, reduce costs, and improve patient care. Take action now to scale your practice and revolutionize your care, while being prepared for the AI innovations to come by letting your data work for you.

Don’t Let Good Data Go to Waste

Medpod puts your data to work for you. By collecting patient data in real time through our hardware and software products, we then aggregate that data to give you insights that allow you to practice medicine better. Visit our Solutions page to learn more about how Medpod’s use of data can help you to revolutionize your practice.

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Passion & Expertise

MedPod revolutionizes the
delivery of care

Aggregating and analyzing the data collected by our outstanding software solutions and innovative hardware offerings, is just one more way we deliver the most comprehensive, scalable telediagnostics platform in the industry.

We seek to aid providers in increasing access to care by ensuring that we are elevating the medical standard for higher quality care between provider and patient during remote encounters, bringing virtual visits on-par with or better than in-person visits.

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Our Products

Where hardware & software meets
revolutional Patient Care

You find Medpod. A complete healthcare technology and infrastructure ecosystem architected intentionally to transform the delivery of care.


The most comprehensive software solution for telemedicine and Telediagnostics in the world. Fully integrated across EMR platforms allows providers to shift seamlessly into telemedicine.

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Award winning telediagnostic design partnered with best-in-class clinical medical hardware helps deliver new medical access points.

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Clinical Services

Ranging from dedicated care coordination teams, program development, training and monitoring, we have you covered. Plus, we offer a 17k+ backup physician network across all platforms for extended coverage.

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Both seamlessly and bi-directionally push data into your EMR. Enabling nextgen healthcare AI and machine learning algorithms Medpod data, the next frontier in health.

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