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Telediagnostics Where You Need It.

The need for healthcare can come up at anytime, even while we’re having fun. With Medpod, you can make sure those in attendance at your event or venue have quick access to a provider right on site.

The ET3 model allows for ambulance care teams to have greater agility when diagnosing patients and deciding on how to care for them. The ability for the ambulatory teams to facilitate treatment in place creates enormous opportunity to reduce cost and provide faster care to those in need.


Attractions and event venues have traditionally provided first aid on site, but the services available in these settings are often limited. With Medpod’s state of the art hardware and software appliances, you can provide convenient access to a physician’s care on site, reducing unnecessary emergency room and urgent care visits.


When urgent care is needed that often leads to costly ER visits, but this isn’t always the best option. The ability for paramedics to more thoroughly treat patients in place can eliminate unnecessary ER visits, admissions, and readmissions.

With Medpod’s telediagnostic equipment, paramedics can have a live connection with a higher level provider, capturing audio, video, and images that allow for diagnosis on the spot and informed decision making about next steps.

This revolutionizes the care that paramedics are able to provide and changes the game in emergency situations.

Passion & Expertise

MedPod revolutionizes the
delivery of care

By combining our outstanding software solutions with our innovative hardware offerings, we deliver the most comprehensive, scalable telediagnostics platform in the industry.

We seek to aid providers in increasing access to care by ensuring that we are elevating the medical standard for higher quality care between provider and patient during remote encounters, bringing virtual visits on-par with or better than in-person visits.

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Where hardware & software meets
revolutional Patient Care

You find Medpod. A complete healthcare technology and infrastructure ecosystem architected intentionally to transform the delivery of care.


Medpod seamlessly digitizes your practice, enabling digital care to fit into your workflow without disruption.

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Medpod has architectured and engineered leading telediagnostic design that sets the industry standard for best-in-class tele-patient care.

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Data & Insights

Medpod uniquely both aggregates and generates hi-fidelity data. Leveraging exam audio and video, we turn insights into actionable telehealth workflows.

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Service & Support

Talented telehealth specialists ready to onboard, demo, train and guide your practice to deliver the best telehealth care around. The team helps to establish a deeper level workflow around telemedicine.

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