The Engine that Powers the Performance

Medpod Communicator is the systems engine that powers the Medpod communications network.  A proprietary communications network and interface, Medpod Communicator seamlessly blends a cloud-based audio and video network with real-time medical data collection and display. The result is a versatile healthcare platform for transforming the delivery of care — anywhere, anytime.

Engineered with a modified WebRTC and CIP infrastructure coupled with HTML 5, Medpod Communicator enables intelligent call routing and network management for more efficient and effective on-demand care. Medpod’s Communicator is a 256-bit encrypted network and FDA listed.  The architecture of the network allows for bandwidth optimization and can be used on both broadband and mobile networks, thus allowing for a high degree of portability and flexibility.

  • 256-bit encrypted network
  • Intuitive browser-based interface
  • Operates on any Chrome-enabled device
  • Optimized for touchscreens
  • Facilitates remote control of scopes and medical devices
  • Enables remote filtering and waveform visualization — “see what you hear”
  • Integrates live audio & video streaming as well as store & forward
  • Complies with medical practice guidelines for mirroring in-person visits
  • Utilizes active vs. passive polling
  • Captures and pushes information to EHR
  • Integrates live medical translation
  • No licensing required

Medpod Communicator Data Capture Demonstration