Virtual Healthcare, Real Results

Medpod proprietary software integrates communications capabilities, a health information exchange, third-party applications and a highly flexible user interface that transforms the way providers interact with the healthcare system.

Our software was engineered to help providers achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility with their time. By combining that software with High Definition audio and video communications, professional-grade medical and laboratory devices, and real-time automated data capture and exchange, the experience of virtual testing, diagnosis and treatment capabilities are all on par, and at times even better, than a traditional in-person visit — for both the patient and practitioner.

Our robust, proprietary software solutions include:

Medpod Check-In

Patient Convenience that
Matches the Level of Care

Medpod Translator

Enhancing the
Language of Healthcare

As with all aspects of our solution, Medpod’s software was built to comply with federal and local laws as well as FDA, HIPAA, CMS guidelines and Medical Board requirements, recommendations and best-practices. Using Medpod solutions and medical access points, remote providers are able to comply with all conditions set forth by current state telemedicine “Parity Laws” for full reimbursement.

Live medical translation and interpretation services are also integrated into Medpod software, backed by 16,500 language specialists in 250+ languages, including ASL.  Medpod removes language barriers and improves patient engagement and compliance with caregiver instructions.