More than Telemedicine – Augmented Medicine™

Medpod is the only browser-based total healthcare ecosystem built completely from the ground up. Our proprietary software platform leverages the latest advancements in live, cloud-based, two-way televideo communications, and integrates live-streaming of HD audio/video, automated data throughput, professional-grade medical devices, health information exchange to EHR, third-party applications and a highly flexible user interface into one game-changing, easy-to-use, care delivery and patient management ecosystem.

Engineered with a modified WebRTC and SIP infrastructure coupled with HTML 5

Medpod AMP enables intelligent call routing and network management for more efficient and effective on-demand care. The architecture of theAMP network allows for bandwidth optimization and can be used on both broadband and mobile networks, allowing for a high degree of portability and flexibility.

Third-party application integration

Medpod integrates the most innovative medical apps seamlessly into one comprehensive and customizable practice workflow solution, with Single Sign On (SSO) functionality available. Whether they practice virtual healthcare or not, providers can leverage the Medpod AMP Network to enhance key clinical and administrative procedures — introducing efficiencies and extended capabilities to transform care, improve patient outcomes.

Augment Clinician and Patient Experience

Medpod Features

Scopes and medical devices can be controlled by the remote or the local provider

Integrates live audio and video streaming as well as capture and store and forward

Utilizes active vs. passive polling of best-in-class medical devices

Enables remote filtering and waveform visualization – “see what you hear”

Image annotation, tagging, naming including lateralization and metadata

Multiway video through dedicated virtual conference room

Digital Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) remote camera control

On-demand remote video translation and interpretation services

How You Benefit

Remote provider has an unprecedented level of control over the devices that capture the patient’s clinical data

Control how and when the information is shared with other care team members

Remote provider captures real-time medical grade data streams for faster clinically-based diagnosis

Visualize stethoscope sound waves for enhanced details and comparisons over time

Improve file storage and ability to identify for faster retrieval

Secure real-time collaboration and sharing of patient images, sounds and data with care team

Assess patients’ physical condition and their environment for psychiatric and behavioral consults

Improve communication between patients and clinicians

Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Medpod Features

256-bit encrypted network

Call routing and patient queuing with virtual waiting room

Benefit eligibility verification and payment processing


Bi-directional HL7, FHIR, CCD/CCR standards

Browser-based interface

Operates on all devices including IOS, Android and Windows – Optimized for Chrome

Optimized for touchscreens

Multiple payment options available – per transaction or annual license

No licensing required

How You Benefit

Highly secure and HIPAA compliant

Streamline the assignment process of remote provider to patient

Accelerate patient intake process

Streamline the prescription process

Integration with EMRs for access to patient data across sites

No need for expensive equipment

Accommodates the device preference of clinicians

Can be used with tablets and other touch screen devices

Payment flexibility accommodate your needs

Fully Compliant and Reimbursable

The Medpod platform and solutions enable the creation of in-office and remote out-of-office medical access points that comply with federal and local law, FDA, HIPAA and CMS mandates and guidelines. They also adhere to Medical Board requirements, recommendations and best practices that relate to providing and receiving reimbursement for telehealth visits. In states with full parity telemedicine laws, Medpod solutions enable full reimbursement that is on par with face-to-face patient reimbursement rates.

Pay for What You Use; No Per-Seat Fees

The proprietary Medpod AMP platform allows for providers to be anywhere in the world. They can connect remotely with patients through any browser enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. With no download fees nor per-seat fees, any and all providers in an organization can be part of the virtual care team without the hassles and costs normally associated with onboarding new users. Medpod is built on a transaction model, which means you only pay for what you use.