Developing next-generation general care,
on-demand care and distance care technologies.


So many patients, so much to do…and so little time and resources.

Today’s healthcare providers are stretched to the limit, even as demand for more personalized engagement, examination and assessment continues to rise. Traditional models must evolve to meet this demand. The answer is bold innovation for enabling the delivery of quality care.

In response, Medpod is developing next-generation general care, on-demand care and distance care. By leveraging technologies that empower healthcare providers to extend their reach, Medpod optimizes available resources and delivers the value of augmented medicine.

What makes Medpod so unique?

No other solution delivers a 360° approach to extending and expanding practitioner reach, facilitating patient access to personalized clinical care, and creating workflow efficiencies that improve the business of healthcare. By integrating all of these advantages — and so many more — into one comprehensive, single-source telemedicine solution, Medpod…

Simplifies use across multiple best-of-breed, professional-grade diagnostic devices

Enhances both clinician and patient experiences

Does not require expensive hardware or licensing fees

Provides a single-user interface across the spectrum of integrated solutions

Optimizes clinical and administrative workflow efficiencies via data integration, saved travel time, etc.

Offers highly reliable and scalable Telco-grade cloud platform performance and network security and redundancy

Enables physicians to maintain control of diagnostic devices remotely

Establishes a single point of contact to streamline service and support

To be the best, you must partner with the best. Medpod is known by the companies we keep.