Offers In-Home Remote Diagnostic Connection Between Patient and Physician

Medpod, Inc. today announced MobileDoc, a compact medical office in a bag that stands to dramatically advance telemedicine, reduce healthcare costs and provide greater access to care for Americans. While telemedicine connections using video or Skype have been conducted before, this is the first time a remote connection between patient and physician has enabled the physician to receive and analyze diagnostic information from an array of professional medical devices in real-time.

Equipped with best-in-class professional grade medical devices secured inside a sturdy carry-on sized suitcase that fits in a car trunk, a nurse or medical assistant can easily visit a patient in the comfort of their home. From the patient’s home, the clinician can conduct more than 70 diagnostic tests and procedures ranging from cardiovascular, to ophthalmology, to respiratory while a physician directs from his/her office and engages the patient via a live face-to-face connection. The physician controls the medical devices and receives diagnostic information – heart rate, blood pressure, live scope examination, and more – in real-time, allowing the physician to immediately diagnose and prescribe treatment.

The results are provided to a physician who may be hundreds of miles away using proprietary data, video and voice telecommunications technology – connecting patient and doctor in a continuum of care that greatly expands access to healthcare.

Medpod Inc.’s primary strategic partner in developing this unique system and exclusive distributor is Henry Schein, Inc., the world largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners. The announcement was made today at The American Telemedicine Association’s ATA2017 Conference in Orlando, FL.

Boon for Patients, Major Weapon in Reducing Healthcare Costs

Medpod is not only a great convenience for patients, but could also be a game-changer in the battle to contain mushrooming healthcare costs.

The Medpod platform creates efficiencies that balance workforce and workflow and can drive more capacity to physicians, allowing them to extend beyond their physical location to reach patients not able to get care easily and cost-effectively.

Jack Tawil, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Medpod, Inc., said: “While telemedicine has been present for a number of years, Medpod is ushering in a new era in medical care delivery. It is enabling the physician and patient to connect like never before and conduct a personal examination, diagnose and treat, saving time and money both for patient and doctor.”

Mr. Tawil added: “In the debate over replacing the Affordable Care Act, the efficient use of physician resources and the disruption of inefficiencies in the delivery of care is critical to the reduction of healthcare costs. By using technology to help eliminate the limitations of the traditional healthcare system the Medpod MobileDoc is breaking down both literal and figurative walls and enabling a new more flexible, efficient, highly personalized experience within the healthcare system.

“The Medpod MobileDoc is finally delivering on the promise of telemedicine,” says Dr. James Powell, an internist and chief medical officer of Long Island Select Healthcare. Dr. Powell’s practice is involved with a pilot program funded by New York State that is testing the efficacy of the Medpod MobileDoc system for primary and specialty diagnostics and care.

“MobileDoc has the potential to ease the burden on emergency rooms which have become overcrowded due to patients with non-emergency complaints using the ER as a doctor’s office,” says Jack Tawil.

A study by the New England Healthcare Institute suggests that as many as 25 percent of emergency room visits are for non-emergency reasons – such as doctor’s offices being closed or for relatively mild complaints. It follows that the direct doctor-patient connection Medpod provides could significantly reduce unnecessary emergency room visits.

“Many patients today are denied timely medical care or seek expensive modes of care because it is difficult to get to a physician’s office during normal office hours. Medpod solves this problem by providing what amounts to a doctor’s office visit remotely, anytime anywhere,” states Dr. Powell.