Enhancing the Language of Healthcare

One of the most compelling aspects of Medpod technology, and one that squarely sets our solution apart, is the seamless integration of live medical translation and interpretation services. With the population of non-Native English speakers significantly growing, this value-added capability for providers is quickly and increasingly becoming a necessity.

Available around the clock, and backed by 16,500 specialists covering 250+ languages, including ASL, the real-time translation/interpretation services that drive Medpod Translator remove the common language barriers that complicate practitioner/patient encounters, taking general care, on-demand care and distance care to a whole new level of engagement and performance.

Medpod Translator ensures more confident delivery of care for the physician, greater clarity and accuracy of two-way information-sharing, and improved patient understanding and compliance to caregiver instructions — all of which work together to promote better treatment outcomes.

  • Ensures greater clarity in practitioner/patient encounters
  • Greatly expands and enhances access to quality healthcare
  • Ideal for treating Limited English Language (LEP) patients
  • Includes American Sign Language (ASL)
  • All linguists are screened, assessed, tested and medically trained
  • Language professionals are culturally sensitive
  • Communication protocols are HIPAA-compliant