MobileDoc is developed Translator software in introduced Strategic Alliance with YGM-Wellness Codes Commercial pilot programs begin – Cart solutions Pilot testing begins on MobileDoc with ACA (NYS DD program)

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Point of Care Lab Information System interface project starts Strategic alliances are formed with HS, Midmark, Horiba, Welch Allyn, Masterword Services Pilot programs begin – Cart bases solutions

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Medpod, Inc. is incorporated The first modular unit prototype is created V1 of communicator software begins testing A number of meetings are conducted with Providers and Healthcare operators

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The Telehealth Advancement Act," (AB 415) signed into law by California governor Jerry Brown. The bill significantly streamlined the medical approval processes for telehealth-delivered services, expanded the list of medical professionals allowed to provide telehealth services, and broadened the types of allowed telehealth-delivered services. Jack forms strategic alliances with physicians and medical device industry leaders [...]

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