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Patient Convenience that Matches the Level of Care

Medpod’s Check-In recognizes that a patient’s first impression of your practice may not be based on a clinician, but the waiting room. The patients’ experience begins shortly after they enter your healthcare facility and begin the registration process.  Inefficient clinical workflow due to paperwork and long wait times costs time and money, and can negatively affect patient satisfaction.

Medpod Check-In is a fully customizable solution that prepares practices for the further consumerization of health care. Patients can check in, verify their insurance eligibility, and make payments. This multichannel self-service option reduces paper forms, helps reduce wait time and efficiently captures patient information for seamless bi-directional EHR integration….ultimately resulting in a better customer experience.

  • Improved patient flow
  • Credit card processing with Stripe
  • Automated data transfers into internal systems
  • Seamless bi-directional EHR integration
  • Patient insurance eligibility verification
  • Interface with SNOMED CT (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine – Clinical Terms)
  • Complete HIPAA compliance
  • Designed as a patient self-service kiosk application
Medpod Check-In
Medpod Check-In
Medpod Check-In